The ancient world is changing and Delk the Uneven is caught in the middle. But then he's always been in the middle—he was born there.

     Driven by an insatiable desire for status, and consumed with their own political affairs, the Four Clans of ogrekind give little thought to the wild, unruly tribes of men—upright animals, nothing more. But that is changing. Men are growing in number ... and in ambition.

     Delk the Ogrën—half man, half ogre—has crafted a delicate balance, trading between two worlds that hold him at arm's length. But sometimes opportunities arise...

     An ogre of standing in the House of Bone, Mygh the Fearmaker, needs an errand accomplished quickly and discretely. Only one with no allegiance to any House or Clan, and who knows the lands of men, will do. A simple enough errand, reasons Delk the Terror of the Wilderlands, though unusual—one that could open wide every ogre shire on the Great Isles for trade.

     But things become complicated when Delk is betrayed, and worse, dishonored! His desire to exact retribution on Mygh and the House of Bone—abetted by Delk's old mentor, Celch the Potionist—will take him on an adventure that will change the course of history, bring the power of the Fourth Metal to men, drive a god to his knees, and reveal the secrets of Delk's own mysterious past.

A novel by Jess MacCallum